Christmas Celebrations In The Southern Hemisphere

In Australia, children enjoy their summer holidays during Christmas and therefore there are families that choose to go camping during Christmas. Since it is too hot during Christmas in Australia, massive bush fires are common throughout the country. The Australians celebrate Christmas with great fervor and zeal. They hang wreaths on their doors and visit each other’s place to have a look at the light displays. The Australians chuck out their Christmas celebration plans as per the preferences and the likes and dislikes of their friends and family members. The most common things that Australians do while celebrating Christmas are as follows:


Christmas Afternoon Lunch

Australians are fond of barbequing. In Australia, a barbeque is called Barbie and it is typically used for preparing Christmas afternoon lunch or dinner. Barbeques are often set up by a waterway or a pool.

Beach Celebrations

There are a large number of Australians found heading to the beach for Christmas celebrations. This is because 80% of Australia’s population live within just 50 kilometers distance from a beautiful beach. The Australians also consider the beaches to be some of the coolest places to be on a scorching hot Christmas Day

Christmas Lunch with Family

The Christmas lunch with family in generally arranged outdoors. There is a single long table for the extended family to gather and have lunch together. Christmas lunch in Australia consists of hot pudding and roast turkey. It also includes ice cold beer in huge quantities along with good cheer.


The Australian climate is quite hot during Christmas and this climate serves as the ideal setting for a cold delicacy which is generally beyond the weekly budget of the family-prawns. There are a large number of Australians found spending too much money on prawns during Christmas.



Playing cricket at the beach is one of the most common forms of Christmas celebrations in Australia. However, the Australians are also found playing cricket at the oval, backyard, street or park and almost anywhere during Christmas and even during the other normal days.


Christmas celebrations in Australia are quite huge and there is not a single family in the country that is not found having the best of Christmas food, clothes and enjoyment. It is fun time for the Australians.

Important Inclusions in Australia’s Christmas Celebrations

The heat of summer in Australia has a certain impact on the way Australians go about celebrating Christmas. In the weeks leading to Christmas, people decorate their houses and start sending out greeting cards with carols being sung all around. There are Christmas trees installed in public places, schools and houses and children are delighted anticipating a surprise visit by Santa Claus. Friends and families get together on Christmas for exchanging gifts and enjoying special food. Some of the most important inclusions or events during Christmas celebrations in Australia are as follows:

Music and Carols

The tradition of carol service on the eve of Christmas evolved way back in the year 1937. It was Norman Banks, the radio announcer who started this tradition. Candlelight carol on Christmas is basically an outdoor service that is now religiously held throughout Melbourne during Christmas. There are huge gatherings witnessed during this event which is televised live across Australia. There are even church events and small local community events held throughout the country during Christmas. Carols in the Domain from Sydney has come up as one of the most popular platforms for some well-known stars of music and stage. Apart from this, there are a number of light-hearted Christmas songs that have also become one of the most essential parts of Christmas celebrations in Australia.

Christmas Plants

There are a number of native Australian plants that flower during the Christmas season in Australia. These are called Christmas Plants and they are basically Christmas orchid, Christmas bells and Christmas bush. When the Europeans came to Australia for the first time, they were very happy that they could select wildflowers that resembled bright green foliage and bells covered in white and red flowers to be used for Christmas decorations. The entire scenario was completely different from what they had seen in Europe- dormant gardens and bare trees.


Australian Christmas celebrations are not complete without the mention of food. There are hardly people serving traditional roast dinner for Christmas in Australia. Ham and cold turkey, salads and seafood are the most common food items served during Christmas celebrations in Australia.

How is Christmas Celebrated in Australia?

Australians live on the largest island in the world or in the smallest continent in the world. Australia’s immigrants are believed to have come from Ireland and England brining Christmas customs along with them. Australia is called the Land Down Under. This is a place where seasons are completely opposite from that of the Northern Hemisphere. When Christmas is celebrated in Australia on 25th December, it is summer vacation there. Most parts of Australia are dry and hot desert areas called Outback. The marshy or grassy savannas are known as Bush. However, there are a large number of people found living in the southwest green coastal regions.

Carols by Candlelight is one of the most popular events of Christmas in Australia. During this event, people come up together at night for lighting candles and singing Christmas carols. All the celebrations are arranged outdoors with the stars in the sky adding to the sounds and the sights of wonderful outdoor concerts arranged during the Christmas.

The Australians are fond of doing things outdoors. They love swimming, sailing, surfing and riding bicycles. They are fond of grilling meals outdoors on barbeques called Barbie. During Christmas, the Australian families decorate each and every corner of their homes using palm leaves, evergreens and ferns along with some colorful flowers blooming during summer. These are known as Christmas bellflower and Christmas bush. There are even families that decorate Christmas trees. There are wisterias, honeysuckles and nasturtiums found blooming outdoors.

In Australia, Christmas festivities start during late November. This is the time when church and school groups perform Nativity plays. The groups sing carols throughout December filling Australia with the joy and the essence of Christmas. On Christmas Eve, Australian families attend church with children expecting Father Christmas to offer gifts. There are others waiting for Santa Claus visiting them and delivering gifts. On Christmas morning, presents are opened and the entire family gets together at breakfast which consists of eggs and ham. The family once again visits the church.

Christmas Day in Australia is all about close friends and families gathering together for having some fun and enjoyment together. Christmas Midday Dinner is the highlight of Christmas Day with families enjoying British dinner consisting of rich plum pudding with brandy, ham or roast turkey. There are even families in Australia that love enjoying backyard barbeque. Others head for the beach or the countryside for some Christmas fun.